Online Vintage Store Favourites Summer 2014

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REVOGUE'S Online Vintage Store Favourites Summer 2014
The sun is shining, summer has stricken with full force, and I have been looking through my favourite online vintage sites for cute summer outfit inspiration. Online vintage shopping can be a fantastic way to find those wonderful retro pieces when you’re not in the mood rummage in the shops. SO let me introduce you to my favourite online sites, and the pieces I found – each one under £50!
Peekaboo findsPeekaboo Vintage Clothing is pretty well renowned with retro clothing lovers, who have enjoyed shopping their pieces for two decades. The company started on Portabello Market and now is stocked in TOPSHOP and on ASOS. I love their own website; easy browsing, all items are styled on models and there’s a great selection of genuine vintage items. I found this Atzec Jacket, a wonderful colourful dress and these cute flower earrings. If they don’t get snapped up quickly I will be seriously surprised!! 
beyond retro finds2
Beyond Retro has become legendary in the world of vintage shopping. This retro retailer started in the East of London and has grown rapidly from Brick Lane to Stockholm to the world wide web. Their stores are a treat to spend time in and their website reflects its eclectic mix. Do you like this fringed leather skirt, the cute denim shorts, the pretty maxi skirt and the sunglasses? All from the Beyond Retro website!
rokit logo
yellow trousers
Rokit have been rocking the retro world for over three decades. Starting at Camden Market, focusing on American Cowboy denim they now have two stores, alot of fantastic vintage clobber and customise pieces wonderfully. Again, a fantastic wesbite and I discovered they do kiddies vintage – now I can get vintage pieces for my nieces and nephews! I love a high waisted trouser – what do you think of these yellow ones?
garite top
 I have featured Garite before and I still can’t get enough of this wonderful company! There is  a certain amount of romanticism with the way they source their pieces from France! You can catch their collection in Camden at C/159 but if you want to shop vintage from your sofa their website is a great place to surf! I found the lovely flowerly crop top which I would love to put with the high waisted trousers!
Love Miss Daisy is a fabulous online vintage clothing store. Providing shoppers with a more classic vintage style, they have everything from bridalwear to shoes to homeware! I have just discovered the online treat and thought the hat was great! A real 1960’s find, I just wish that I had a wedding or was going to the races so that I could wear it!
For me, one of the most exciting parts of vintage shopping is finding really unusual pieces and I found that the It’s Vintage Darling website is certainly stocked with enough! With the intention of providing their customers with the hassle free experience that we all love from online shopping whilst not compromising on style and stock, their website is pleasure to shop. I found this brilliant white travel carry case; the perfect place to put all my vintage finds.
Please let me know what your favourite online vintage stores are!
C xxx

ReVoguing Our Wardrobes



Fashion is wonderful. For some it is an art form, for others an essential form of self expression, but for most the way we choose to dress is an interpretation of oneself. Although fashion trends may seem like a modern phenomena, with blogs, tv shows and magazines reporting on the ever- changing styles and season essentials, for centuries folks have been keen to look their best. Eager to been seen wearing the latest look, for generations we have spent our well earned pennies to make sure we’re not left looking like yesterday’s fashion news.  How wide should my bustle be? Are my cork heels the right height? Is my lace ruff too ostentatious? Every generation has its fashion fads and frets!

Today is no different.

However, how we get the latest looks has changed in recent decades; we now live in a time where fashion and clothes are extremely dispensable. With retailers offering the latest trends at extremely low prices we very quickly purchase, wear and dispose of our clothes.

Gone are the days where money is saved for weeks or months to purchase a garment; maybe a piece made from expensive fabric that will ensure it will last for years, maybe even be passed on to the next generation. Less and less do we see people wearing hand- made garments, designed and made themselves or by family. Fewer fabrics will be chosen with a certain design in mind, made to fit a woman’s shape perfectly and made to work with lots of other pieces in the wardrobe. You might think that considering the financial situation our country is in, we would start to value well- made pieces that will last and honour the skill that goes into making them.

I have grown up experiencing the perks of being the daughter of a dress maker. I was lucky to have a mum who revelled in the opportunity to make fancy dress costumes from scratch. If I couldn’t find a specific garment in the shops she used her skills to make me the perfect item. The best part – my mum kept a few of the wonderful pieces that she made for herself when she was my age, items that I now fit into and enjoy. These pieces fit me the best, travel the best, wash the best and most importantly are the most individual pieces I own. How special.

Recycling fashion is another tip I have inherited from my mum. Give away any item that you no longer use, unless it is going to be a fashion classic. It might be the perfect item for someone else but it’s not doing much hanging in your wardrobe! To rework items of clothes – if you don’t have the skills to sew or change clothes, take them to a tailor to get lengthened, shortened, taken in – be imaginative, it will most probably be cheaper and less time- consuming than looking for an item that isn’t quite what you’re looking for and doesn’t fit exactly. Lastly have a search through your mum or grandma’s wardrobes (before they get to the charity shop!). I guarantee you will find items that are on trend now and I know from experience that mums get  enjoyment from seeing their daughters reworking items they enjoyed years before

Although making clothes can often be a cheaper way to dress, it takes time, and time is money. After reading many inspiring fashion blogs, I have now decided to jump in and create my own. I hope to be able to report on not only my favourite new pieces and brands but also how I am reworking old items that I find in vintage shops or in the attic. The idea will be to create new outfits for less money! I would love to hear from you and how you are doing too! Let’s try and make our wardrobes look fresh and new with a hint of classic vogue! Let’s ReVogue our wardrobes!