Fashion Revolution Day Event at C/159 with GARITE and Jara Wine



Who Make Your Clothes? // 24.04.14 // #INSIDEOUT @FASH_REV

Who Make Your Clothes? // 24.04.14 // #INSIDEOUT @FASH_REV

Last Week on the 24th April saw the world celebrate Fashion Revolution Day, with folk wearing their clothes inside out and asking “Who Made  Your Clothes?” Set up to remember the awful catastrophe in Dkana, Banglasdesh last year, where 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex, people got together to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – we want to change and question the clothes supply chain.

I went down to the new creative retail space in Camden: C/159 to check out the event that was hosted there by Jara Wine and GARITE.

Collective - C/159

Collective – C/159

What drew me down to Camden then? Well C/159 offers creative individuals and businesses the opportunity to showcase their ideas and products in a prime location on Camden High Street. The space has been renovated using reclaimed and sustainable materials and inside; the space has been REVOGUED and thats how the retailers roll too! I really loved the space – its seriously worth a look and mooch around.

Fashion Revolution Day // Camden

Fashion Revolution Day // Camden

Jara Wine was one of the retailers who hosted the event. A brand new women’s clothing label, proudly made in London, the brand describes itself as  “dedicated to a versatile, playful and timeless style”. It was lovely to see a new collection, designed and made in London with such beautiful fabrics with Jara the designer taking inspiration from fabrics surrounding her within her everyday life. However the most attractive part of this new retailer is the fact that Jara Wine prides itself on creating “more than just an outfit, but into something to love”

Jara Wine // 159 Camden High Street

The other retailer residing in the C/159 space is the wonderful GARITE with their wonderful French Vintage Fashion. GARITE is a second hand and vintage brand, started in 2012. They  find and sell vintage treasures from France, and have a love for 70’s boho style, colourful clothes, 60’s dresses, floral patterns, chunky jewellery and la France bien sûr. I was in HEAVEN! They have so many fabulous pieces, all individual, all picked and carefully restored and at such fantastic prices!



With any vintage store, I always love looking at the labels inside, not only to check the brand to see if I can find the best label, but to imagine where these forgotten brands went, and to know that their clothes are still found, sold and enjoyed.

Pimkie // GARITE

Pimkie // GARITE

Juliette // GARITE

Julietta // GARITE

Their collection of shirts was amazing and I found a wonderful silk shirt for just £18 which I love and can’t wait to style and blog about! The floral and chain print is reminiscent of a Docle and Gabbana print and the buttons are punchy and striking in their own right – what do you think?

GARITE Silk Shirt

GARITE Silk Shirt


Please check out the GARITE website and go down to the C/159 space to support this wonderful vintage brand – they have a beautiful collection.

A little surprise find at this event was the lovely Zingi Zongi, a handmade jewellery brand by a lovely lady Nikoletta. Hailing form Greece, Nikoletta collects old pictures, toys, beads, shells from home and creates unique and one off pieces! She is REVOGING gifts she collected over the years from her mother and is giving them a new life! Inspiring!

Zingi Zongi





I could have bought so much from her but managed to restrain myself and choose one piece; this ring. I’ve been wearing it everyday since and can’t wait to see more from Zingi Zongi! I spotted a certain Vogue earring on the Facebook page, which I might need to purchase!

Zingi Zongi // C/159

Zingi Zongi // C/159

I urge everyone to support these fantastic small retailers; they certainly make me think about where my clothes are made AND are REVOGUING their hearts out!

GARITE: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Jara Wine: Facebook // Twitter // Website 

Zingi Zongi: Facebook

Thank you for having me C/159!

xxx C


Snakeskin Look Skirt and Leather Tshirt – Bill + Mar // TOPSHOP // Kurt Geiger

Bill + Mar

Skirt – Bill + Mar // Leather T-shirt – Topshop // Shoes – Carvela Kurt Geiger // Necklace – Topshop

Bill + Mar

Last Year I bought this skirt from Bill + Mar and love it so much I am still wearing it this season. I’ve teamed it here with my favourite tshirt from TOPSHOP. I love wearing leather pieces with more femine styles to create a tough but soft look, and I love an outfit even more when it can be revogued from day to night, winter to summer.

Kimberley Walsh in Bill + Mar

Kimberley Walsh in Bill + Mar

Bill + Mar are the youngest brand that I have featured so far on my blog, having started in 2010. I love the designers’ intentions to always keep the fit of their pieces snug to a woman’s shape just like this skirt; it all about the female silouette. Kimberley Walsh was seen wearing this skirt in a different colour at the Girls Aloud 10 year anniversary launch and I think you’ll agree, Bill + Mar succeeds in flatering her enviable figure. The matching crop tops to the skirt can be worn for a more daring look!

Luckily for you guys, Bill + Mar have this style of skirt in the sale at the moment, along with the matching crop tops. I can’t recommend this style enough; such a wearable item! Can be worn in so many different ways; also check out how Rosie Fortescue from Made in Chelsea wears it! You can buy Bill + Mar directly from their own website OR get down to TOPSHOP in Oxford Street where they are now stocking the new Bill + Mar Collection!

Rosie Fortesue in Bill + Mar

Rosie Fortescue in Bill + Mar

Bill + Mar Midi Skirt

Bill + Mar Midi Skirt

TOPSHOP Leather T-shirt

TOPSHOP Leather T-shirt

The T-shirt I’m wearing is now in the sale, and TOPSHOP also have a couple of other options that would look great with this outfit: I love the sheer panel on the t shirt, or for a more simple look why not try the cropped top? My necklace is also TOPSHOP, and I wear it with so many outfits. The gold and silver mix really stands out against the black leather . Check out these options that do the same trick!

Kurt Geiger Shoes

Kurt Geiger Shoes

My shoes are Carvella and have served me SO well. I love the height, the straps but most of all they are comfortable; if I wear these on a night out they never need to come off mid dance! We all have a pair of favourite dancing shoes that can be worn for years and years…. sometimes sticking to them and taking care of them is better than purchasing a new pair! However if I WERE to purchase a new pair from Kurt Geiger (they are definitely worthy brand – their shoes really do last!) I really love this option: THE GAIN. So classy with the pointed toe… I am seriously tempted!

I hope you like this look! I wore it for my bday last year!

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Caitlin xxx


ReVoguing Our Wardrobes



Fashion is wonderful. For some it is an art form, for others an essential form of self expression, but for most the way we choose to dress is an interpretation of oneself. Although fashion trends may seem like a modern phenomena, with blogs, tv shows and magazines reporting on the ever- changing styles and season essentials, for centuries folks have been keen to look their best. Eager to been seen wearing the latest look, for generations we have spent our well earned pennies to make sure we’re not left looking like yesterday’s fashion news.  How wide should my bustle be? Are my cork heels the right height? Is my lace ruff too ostentatious? Every generation has its fashion fads and frets!

Today is no different.

However, how we get the latest looks has changed in recent decades; we now live in a time where fashion and clothes are extremely dispensable. With retailers offering the latest trends at extremely low prices we very quickly purchase, wear and dispose of our clothes.

Gone are the days where money is saved for weeks or months to purchase a garment; maybe a piece made from expensive fabric that will ensure it will last for years, maybe even be passed on to the next generation. Less and less do we see people wearing hand- made garments, designed and made themselves or by family. Fewer fabrics will be chosen with a certain design in mind, made to fit a woman’s shape perfectly and made to work with lots of other pieces in the wardrobe. You might think that considering the financial situation our country is in, we would start to value well- made pieces that will last and honour the skill that goes into making them.

I have grown up experiencing the perks of being the daughter of a dress maker. I was lucky to have a mum who revelled in the opportunity to make fancy dress costumes from scratch. If I couldn’t find a specific garment in the shops she used her skills to make me the perfect item. The best part – my mum kept a few of the wonderful pieces that she made for herself when she was my age, items that I now fit into and enjoy. These pieces fit me the best, travel the best, wash the best and most importantly are the most individual pieces I own. How special.

Recycling fashion is another tip I have inherited from my mum. Give away any item that you no longer use, unless it is going to be a fashion classic. It might be the perfect item for someone else but it’s not doing much hanging in your wardrobe! To rework items of clothes – if you don’t have the skills to sew or change clothes, take them to a tailor to get lengthened, shortened, taken in – be imaginative, it will most probably be cheaper and less time- consuming than looking for an item that isn’t quite what you’re looking for and doesn’t fit exactly. Lastly have a search through your mum or grandma’s wardrobes (before they get to the charity shop!). I guarantee you will find items that are on trend now and I know from experience that mums get  enjoyment from seeing their daughters reworking items they enjoyed years before

Although making clothes can often be a cheaper way to dress, it takes time, and time is money. After reading many inspiring fashion blogs, I have now decided to jump in and create my own. I hope to be able to report on not only my favourite new pieces and brands but also how I am reworking old items that I find in vintage shops or in the attic. The idea will be to create new outfits for less money! I would love to hear from you and how you are doing too! Let’s try and make our wardrobes look fresh and new with a hint of classic vogue! Let’s ReVogue our wardrobes!